They Come Out at Night

DISCLAIMER: This story was written and published in 2012 and has been kept up to show the writer’s growth. It is not intended as professional quality

Nobody knows how it happened….

The end of days occurred three hundred years ago to the date…I am one of the few men immune to The End disease…Me and my family are one of the three last survivors on the continent…I left to find food early this morning…

My name is Jay Morillo, and I am one of the last men on Earth.

Earlier in the day, I had grabbed my shotgun and went to catch something for my family to eat….I lost track of time in the hunting, and it’s beginning to get dark…They come out after dark.

Sweat stains adorn my shirt as I place one foot in front of the other. The noise of my shoes makes a shifting sound as I walk slowly. My grip on my shotgun tightens as I begin to pace forward.

I grow hyper aware of my surroundings with animal senses that have blessed me since the survival gene kicked in a few years back.My knuckles whiten as my grip grows ever tighter. My eyes wander back and forth. They dart up to the sky. There was once a moon there…today all that remains is a ring of rocks floating around the Earth…nobody knows why.

A familiar sound of teeth scraping flesh catches me off guard. They’re here.

My instincts kick in and I find cover. Darkness envelopes the land. A splatter of blood lands on the sidewalk. Not a man’s blood…They’re feasting on animals.

I rub hand back and forth along my shotgun as I back away slowly. I hear the grunts as They feast on a poor animal. the thing lets out a final groan before dying.

My eyes widen as I hear the crunch of a twig under my feet.

They look up. I weigh my options swiftly. They’ll be here soon. My pace quickens. I break into a run. I pant swiftly as I begin to run.

I hear it. They make the noise.

It’s a mixture of a dog bark, nails on a chalkboard and marble scraping steel. They will have their friends here soon.

The smell of rotten flesh fills my lungs as They arrive. A rabid animal of dead skin and rotting corpses make Their way towards me. I loud crack is heard as bullets rip through Their head. Another makes a dive for me grabbing my ankle. I hear a snap as I go sprawling to the ground. They have the virus. It’s taken full control now.

I let out a cry of agony as rotted teeth bite into my ankle. A desperate grab for my gun is made and another crack rings through the air. Three more cracks and three more corpses fall.

I tell myself to ignore the pain. Work through it. Pain is the enemy. Pain is the weakness.

My house falls into my view. Hopefully my family hasn’t locked up yet. Another one of Them runs up at me. A blur of motion and the butt of my gun rams straight into Their stomach. As it keels over a crack is heard and They fall to the ground with a chunk of lead in their head.

One more bullet left.

They appear in front of me. the last one of Them. It’s moves are a blur of motion like water. I duck under the punch and meet a knee the the face. I fall backwards hitting my head in the steps to my house. Blood loss…hard to focus.

They beat me like a cat playing with it’s prey. Rotted nails claw at my face. With a swift move of my arms my shotgun slams into Their face. They reel backwards in pain letting out another cry. More of them will be here son. I’ll have to end this quick. Blood loss adulterates my vision. Only one shot…make it count.

A crack. A body falls to the ground.

In a few second I make it to the house. I’ve bolted the door in another few seconds.

My eyes widen in shock…I see Them in my house…only one of Them. Blood runs from it’s mouth like a waterfall. Right now I don’t care what it’s feasted on. My family…an animal….I don’t care.

It ends tonight. All of it. Determination flashes into my eyes like fire. I grab a glock and make a desperate fire….I miss.

It runs at me, we meet each other with savage ferocity…I may be immune to Their virus…

But inside….we are the same.

We both do what we must to survive.

Unspoken Words

DISCLAIMER: This story was written and published in 2012 and has been kept up to show the writer’s growth. It is not intended as professional quality

Thomas Garret never spoke a word….

Even as a child, he never did any of the babbling any other babies did…yet as he grew to be a toddler…strange things began to occur around him.

Thomas’ Mother Mary was always crying. Her life had always been one bad event after another. She had finally broke down on the night of Thomas’ fifth birthday. The event stirred memories of when her boyfriend had left her six months to the date before Thomas was born.

One night, on a night like most, she cried over the scrapbooks of her boyfriend…this time, however, Thomas watched her cry from a view from his staircase.

“Dead.” she cried between sobs. “I wish he was dead.”

Thomas leaned farther over the staircase and caught the slightest glimpse of his Father. The image burned itself into his brain. Thomas swelled up with rage before climbing back up the staircase to his bedroom.

The next day Mary had turned on the T.V for a very peculiar sight.

A man hung from a tree…his body swayed back and forth…swinging like a pendulum. The face was all to familiar

“–was found dead from an apparent suicide–” the reporters blared. All at once, Mary placed the face.

It was her boyfriend…Thomas’ Father.

Thomas did nothing that day. He simply curled up in his room watching the tape of the apparent suicide up in his room. The tape played over and over…he stared at it coldly…with unblinking eyes…soft, innocent eyes. He could not comprehend the magnitude of what had just happened…he only knew it couldn’t be an accident.

Mary hesitantly dismissed the death as pure coincidence. Despite that, she couldn’t get the incident out of her mind. She wanted to cry to the heavens and spread joy throughout the world.

Yet she couldn’t…

She wanted to shout, celebrate, yet she felt…guilty

Thomas watched her cry from the staircase that night…he never said a word…and he never smiled.

Thomas was seven when the next incident occurred. His mother had entered a state of even greater depression than before. Her Mother had just died and she could take it no longer. Anything that wasn’t bolted down was thrown across the room. Thomas watched from the bottom of the staircase. He held back no tears, and said no words.

She threw everything. Books, tables, pots, plates.

Thomas watched in horror.

Mary grabbed a knife from a countertop and threw it without looking. A second later she realized her mistake.

The knife was headed straight for Thomas.

Her eyes widened in shock. Everything seemed to slow down to a halt as the knife inched ever closer. Soon, indeed, it did stop. It began to float in mid air. Thomas looked at it intensely and it turned this way and that.

Suddenly, the whole house began to vibrate. Pots, pans, and everything that wasn’t bolted down began to float around Thomas…a single tear floated down his cheek and dripped to the ground.

“Please stop crying, Mommy.” Thomas whispered.

His first words had been spoken…..

Something out there (A.K.A the Wicked Smile)

DISCLAIMER: This story was written and published in 2012 and has been kept up to show the writer’s growth. It is not intended as professional quality

There’s something out there…

Ever since me and my family moved here something has haunted us. It comes at night and terrorizes us…it screeches at our windows and toys with us like a cat with a mouse…every night it comes with a smile…

That awful, wicked smile…

Two nights ago; the night after the first sighting, my daughter Lucy found something on the ground while playing outside.

She carried the thing in her hand as she traipsed along towards me to show me what it was.

“Mommy, Look!” she had said with an excited schoolgirl tone. “Look what I found!”

My hand clasped over my mouth as tears flowed down my cheeks. I stared in horror at what lay across her palm. It’s feathers were rumpled and crushed. A gash could be seen on it’s chest…

she had found a disemboweled bird…

“Lucy,” I told her, “you put that thing down right now!” I grabbed her by the arm and tugged her back inside.

At that point my husband Drew had met me to see what the commotion was about. I instructed Lucy to take a bath, leaving him and me in the Kitchen. I brought him up to speed on what had happened. His arms flew around my waist with gentle care. His warm eyes invited me in and calmed me down.

“It’s all right.” he whispered, putting a finger to my lips. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

My hand reached out to his bristled beard. He smiled as our lips met. “Everything’s all right.” his words fluttered into my ears.

It came again the next night.

This time I was able to get a good look at it…its wings were bent and crooked. It was a shade of grey and seemed to blend in with its surroundings…the nose and eyes reminded me of a gargoyle. Oh God that smile…

that awful wicked smile.

His eyes were yellow and black like a snake. His gaze pierced my soul. “You’re alone.” It whispered. The voice was that of one billion flies buzzing outside my ears. “YOU’RE ALL ALONE!”

He tossed something at me and with a great crash I fell to the floor. Drew climbed the stairs after hearing it. He embraced me…his arms flew around me and gripped me tight.

“What happened, Karen?” he asked.

I hadn’t the nerve to speak…I simply pointed.

A bloody knife lay on the floor…that night we found dead bodies in the closets

Ever since then Drew, me and Lucy have been locked up in the basement. It hasn’t appeared yet. It hasn’t come to haunt us yet…It’s been three nights since then yet I can’t shake the feeling of hopelessness.

Drew has been more paranoid then even me. He’s constantly checked the windows and doorways. “It’s out there.” he tells me. “It’s out there somewhere.”

“D-Drew” I stutter. “Please stop w-worrying.”

He turns…slowly…the click of a metal blade rings in my ears….there’s something in his hand….his face begins to contort….oh God that smile….

That awful, wicked smile….

Terror in the Night

DISCLAIMER: This story was written and published in 2012 and has been kept up to show the writer’s growth. It is not intended as professional quality.

[To see the 2016 version, feel free to take a look at Scars]

The car sped along the winding dirt road, kicking up dust as it drove along. Finally, the tires screeched to a sudden halt. The driver did not leave the car; he simply looked at his reflection. He ran his fingers along the network of scars up and down his body, feeling each bump and bruise meticulously. His emerald eyes pierced the night with uncanny vision. His hair looked as if it was made of sand patted down on his head.

A blur of motion sliced his tires swiftly. The man smiled to himself.

“They’re here.”

The driver exited his car to see a woman with elegant curves throughout her body. She stood tall, displaying her perfect hourglass figure. Her hair was jet black and smooth and draped down at her shoulders. She had a small leather jacket on which gave her the appearance of a biker chick.

“You shouldn’t be here, Ro.” the woman growled in an animal bellow. “Kajar will be here soon….there are only the two of you left.” Her voice grew sweet as honey. “You know what THAT means….”

“I know, Lady.” Ro told her. “and I can handle myself.”

“Very well.” Lady replied sarcastically. In a cloud of brimstone the ancient tome appeared in her hand along with a feathered pen. “I shall record the battle…the victor shall receive the prize…”

In a split second, a second man arrived in a cloud of smoke, which rose from his body. His smile was awful and wicked. He wore tight jeans with a skintight black shirt. His curly hair drooped down just below his neck.

“Are you ready, Ro?” the new man asked.

At that point, the two began circling each other…like prey preparing to pounce on their quarry.

“as ready as I’ll ever be, Kajar.” Ro replied.

Both men began to change, morphing into a different shape…their clothes torn and skin draped limply on their bones. Their very flesh fell to the ground like pieces of cloth, revealing thick layers of fur underneath.

They had completed their transformations into wolves!

Both let out ear splitting howls in unison.

Ro was the first to strike as his jaws gnashed against Kajar’s flesh. Kajar retaliated; raking his claws across Ro’s face. The first blood of the battle had been drawn.

The two continued to howl in animal groans as they darted at one another with swift and blinding speed. Offensive and defensive slipped back and forth between the two. When one struck, their opponent struck harder. The intensity increased with every blow.

Lady, meanwhile, had a seat on the cliff side. With swift and nimble fingers she jotted down the events unfolding before her. Her feet dangled off the edge as she clicked them together happily. She smiled slyly as the battle continued.

Kajar’s strong jaws bit down on Ro’s back. “I killed all of pack one…their last survivor dies tonight!” he cried.

Ro lashed out with amazing strength, striking his foe across the face. “A changeling from pack five winning the prize?” Ro launched himself forward. “I’d like to see you try.”

The two locked claws with each other. “So be it.” Kajar growled.

Their screeches pierced the silence of the night. They fought tirelessly, both determined to win the fabled prize of the mysterious Lady.

At last, Kajar let out a loud cry of agony. He was misery and pain personified. His fur faded as his skin grew back; revealing his human form. He shriveled up into a fetal position. Tears streamed from his eyes as blood trickled from his nose and lips. “Do it.” he whispered angrily. “you won….DO IT!” he cried.

Ro circled his prey, fiendishly savoring the moment, mocking Kajar’s pain. “Let it be done.” Lady said from afar.

With one strike, it was ended.

Lady descended from her cliff side throne, putting a soft finger to his forehead. “The prize is yours…you may live out the remainder of your days as a mortal man.” In a flash of light, Ro was transformed. He was alone, save for his car on the cliff side.

Another piercing light flashed in Ro’s eyes. A police car rolled up the road. Two cops cautiously withdrew their guns. Ro put his hands in the air as the cops proceeded towards him…

he couldn’t help but smile….