Something out there (A.K.A the Wicked Smile)

DISCLAIMER: This story was written and published in 2012 and has been kept up to show the writer’s growth. It is not intended as professional quality

There’s something out there…

Ever since me and my family moved here something has haunted us. It comes at night and terrorizes us…it screeches at our windows and toys with us like a cat with a mouse…every night it comes with a smile…

That awful, wicked smile…

Two nights ago; the night after the first sighting, my daughter Lucy found something on the ground while playing outside.

She carried the thing in her hand as she traipsed along towards me to show me what it was.

“Mommy, Look!” she had said with an excited schoolgirl tone. “Look what I found!”

My hand clasped over my mouth as tears flowed down my cheeks. I stared in horror at what lay across her palm. It’s feathers were rumpled and crushed. A gash could be seen on it’s chest…

she had found a disemboweled bird…

“Lucy,” I told her, “you put that thing down right now!” I grabbed her by the arm and tugged her back inside.

At that point my husband Drew had met me to see what the commotion was about. I instructed Lucy to take a bath, leaving him and me in the Kitchen. I brought him up to speed on what had happened. His arms flew around my waist with gentle care. His warm eyes invited me in and calmed me down.

“It’s all right.” he whispered, putting a finger to my lips. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

My hand reached out to his bristled beard. He smiled as our lips met. “Everything’s all right.” his words fluttered into my ears.

It came again the next night.

This time I was able to get a good look at it…its wings were bent and crooked. It was a shade of grey and seemed to blend in with its surroundings…the nose and eyes reminded me of a gargoyle. Oh God that smile…

that awful wicked smile.

His eyes were yellow and black like a snake. His gaze pierced my soul. “You’re alone.” It whispered. The voice was that of one billion flies buzzing outside my ears. “YOU’RE ALL ALONE!”

He tossed something at me and with a great crash I fell to the floor. Drew climbed the stairs after hearing it. He embraced me…his arms flew around me and gripped me tight.

“What happened, Karen?” he asked.

I hadn’t the nerve to speak…I simply pointed.

A bloody knife lay on the floor…that night we found dead bodies in the closets

Ever since then Drew, me and Lucy have been locked up in the basement. It hasn’t appeared yet. It hasn’t come to haunt us yet…It’s been three nights since then yet I can’t shake the feeling of hopelessness.

Drew has been more paranoid then even me. He’s constantly checked the windows and doorways. “It’s out there.” he tells me. “It’s out there somewhere.”

“D-Drew” I stutter. “Please stop w-worrying.”

He turns…slowly…the click of a metal blade rings in my ears….there’s something in his hand….his face begins to contort….oh God that smile….

That awful, wicked smile….

Author: Connor M. Perry

From an early age, I learned how to divide by four. See, two minutes after I was born, I discovered three other newborns hot on my heels. I was a quadruplet. And I needed to learn to how to share. Everything. At an early age, I took to writing so that I could have something unsharable. I began writing small stories online for my own enjoyment, and gradually moved to more ambitious ideas. I've been running my blog The Mythlings for two years now, publishing a new installment every Friday. I've enjoyed creating different worlds, characters and relationships in my stories. I currently live in Worcester, MA with my girlfriend, two cats, and a collection of swords.

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