Reader’s Ramblings: The Lies of the Magister

Khal Drogo presents Dany with her silver while Magister Illyrio looks on. Artwork by Amok

This week’s Reader Ramblings examines Book!Drogo’s reason’s for marrying Daenerys in A Song of Ice and Fire:

Imagine, for a moment, that you are Khal Drogo. You are incredibly powerful, incredibly wealthy, you have one hundred thousand Dothraki screamers under your command.

Why do you cross half the world to marry a thirteen year old girl with no lands, wealth, allies, and a memory of a title? Especially when you have a choice of thousands of brides? This seems nothing but a liability.

This liability is, of course, Daenerys. A woman who was criticized by her brother as “Too skinny,” in her first POV chapter, Viserys went on to say, “Are you sure the Khal likes women this young?” Which plants seeds of doubt in the reader’s mind, if they are keen enough.

It is Magister Illyrio that outright states why the Khal wants her, later in the chapter. “She has had her blood. She is old enough for the Khal.” He goes on to say, “That silvergold hair, those purple eyes…she is the blood of Old Valyria. No doubt, no doubt.”

Magister Illyrio confesses that Khal Drogo wanted to marry Daenerys for breeding.

From this, it can be assumed, since Martin’s works have key figures obsessed with prophecy, from Melisandre to Rheagar Targaryen to a horde of others, that Drogo has crossed the world to marry this girl to produce a child. That’s it. He thinks he and Daenerys can produce the Stallion Who Mounts the World.

Khal Drogo is known to want to head east, as told in the Dany’s third POV chapter. “Khal Drogo had always dreamed of the day he might sack the great cities to the east.”

Jorah Mormont seems to share Drogo’s obssession with the east. A place in Martin’s world the readers have never seen. Jorah, however, is specifically interested in Asshai. He mentions it often. He even suggests going there when Drogo gets sick.

It is both Jorah and Illyrio did not want Viserys to come along. “Magister Illyrio urged him to wait in Pentos, offered him the hospitality of his manse. But Viserys would have none of it.”

They knew of Viserys’s temperment, yet they allowed him to continue in the Khalasar.  The only thing protecting him is the language barrier.

Yet when Viserys attacks Daenerys, someone had to send an order to the horselords to intervene. And only four people, Jorah included, speak the common tongue to a fluency at which they could understand that Daenerys was being threatened. So who gave the order? And what kind of man is Jorah who would betray the man he said he would set on the Iron Throne.

Additionally, when Viserys gets drunk shortly before his death, he seems to believe he can’t be hurt in Vaes Dothrak.  Who gave him this information? Who could? Someone who speaks the common tongue and knows Dothraki customs. Who else is there who knows this?

With Viserys out of the way, Daenerys can now birth the Stallion Who Mounts the World.

But not in the way that Drogo might have wanted. It is known that Daenerys is the “Moon of my life” to Drogo, and Drogo is her “Sun and stars.” Curious, then, that there is a tale of dragons coming from the moon, as they wander too close to the sun and the moon cracks. “He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi. Once there were two moons in the sky, but one traveled to close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand dragons poured forth and drank the fire of the sun.”

Sounds like the moon of his life wandered too close to her sun and stars. In both bedroom and funeral pyre, the moon of Drogo’s life gets close to her sun and stars, and the dragons come again.

Author: Connor M. Perry

From an early age, Connor learned how to divide by four. Imagine, for a moment: Connor being born. Two minutes later, he discovers there are three other newborns hot on his heels. He was, as it turns out, a quadruplet. And from that moment on, he needed to learn to share. Everything. At an early age, Connor took to writing so that he could have something that was his. He began writing small stories online for his own enjoyment, and gradually moved to more ambitious ideas. He's published Hush Little Baby on an e-zine called Microhorror (a site that's now defunct, so you'll have to take him at his word) as well as Stragglers in the Cold and Rivenrock in Sword and Sorcery Magazine. He's enjoyed creating the different worlds, characters and relationships you'll find in his stories. He currently lives in Worcester, MA with his girlfriend, two cats, and a collection of swords.

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