Support Your Local Starving Artist™

I love writing. I’m constantly doing it (which is probably surprisingly unsurprising). I churn out a new short story every week. But in order to continue writing as prolifically as I do I’m going to need help.

See, I love writing, but I’m also rather fond place to live and being able to afford sandwiches and the other bear necessities of life.

That’s where you come in.

I will not ask for much, but if you can pledge anything–even fifty cents–I would be ridiculously grateful to you and I’d thank you to the Heavens and Beyond. I do not think, even (as Chuck Wendig puts it) as a penmonkey, that I could fit into words how thankful I would be if someone saw my writing and thought, “I would like to reward this person with my money.”

If you would like to do this very thing, you have a few options:
  • You can also find my short stories on Amazon for ninety-nine cents.
  • You can chip in fifty cents or more over Paypal or become my Patron on Patreon These options grant you certain privilege per payment. So you can use these rewards as often as you like.
    • You can have me make you into a character, or email me the outline of a character you’d like to see pop up in Carth’s adventures.
    • There’s a handy contact form if you’re interested in bending me to your will.
    • You can also have the opportunity to laugh at my early drafts, of any work you request using that handy contact form that was just discussed.
    • If I have any notes or worldbuilding that I write down, I will also share it with you through Patreon and/or email.
    • For every cumulative $50 donated thru Patreon and wordpress, I will post bonus materials from Carth’s fabled second set of scrolls.

TL;DR:  I’ll keep writing until my fingers fall off, for this and any story I may come up with in the future.  I am tremendously grateful for your support–be it monetarily or through your attention (time is money, after all). You give me your time, and I appreciate that more than you anything. Thank you. From the Heavens and Beyond, thank you.